Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Day!

What a nice surprise! I woke up this morning and heard that there was snow in Abilene and it was heading our way! By the time I left for work it was coming down in Arlington!

Plano had a ton (ok well not a ton, but more than Arlington)of snow!! It was so pretty. Here is a picture of what it looked like when I got to work today.

Recipes for Leftovers

This is the perfect site (or iPhone app) for all your turkey leftovers. All you do is type in what leftovers you have HERE and it gives you tons of recipes that you can use.

Bryan and I made a yummy turkey, noodle, cheese and mushroom casserole. It was delicious. I think that Big Oven might be my new favorite site!!

Happy Leftovers!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Magazine Subscription $5

What a great (inexpensive) gift for the holidays!

Real Simple- $5 for a yearly subscription!!

House Beautiful- $5

Southern Living $5 for a year

{Offers found here}

Meet Lizzy

This past Sunday after church we went over to Steph's for tacos and my favorite, queso with the family. Little did I know what we would be taking home that day. Dad brought in four of the golden puppies that they have right now. There was a family that came over to pick out their puppy. Bryan and I saw that there was one light tan one left and the rest were darker. I said that little tan one is pretty cute.

So as the family arrived Steph prayed Lord give Meagan and Bryan a sign if they are supposed to have a puppy. That sign was going to be if that family didn't pick out the light one we would potentially be taking her home with us.

I kept watching them and peeping on them as they held all of the four different puppies. As most of you know I'm not a big animal lover so this was very strange to me. I told mom we'll just get one from the next litter and then she informed that there won't be a next litter. Bryan gave me his own little puppy dog face and asked sweetly if we could take one home.

After the family picked out their puppy I walked outside to see their selection....there the daughter was with a darker colored golden in her hand. Now this was actually becoming a possibility. My skilled salesman father brought the light puppy inside for everyone to goo goo and gaga over. Bryan held her and was hooked.

I finally caved and said we could take her home (I think that Christmas, being a giving time of year affected my decision). Emily said that we should name her Lizzy. That was perfect because I just dropped Elizabeth from my own name, so now we were gaining a Lizzy back into the family.

Here is our new little baby, Lizzy:

- Rocky meeting Lizzy

- Bryan and Lizzy

- Enjoying the couch while we put up the Christmas tree