Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot tub time machine

Ok, not really but it does bring you back to certain memories. I totally remember a church ski trip to Colorado where we rolled in the snow and then hopped back in the hot tub. Probably not the best thing for your heart or body, but we were silly kids.

The addition of the new hot tub has been a fun one. Watching the guys unload the hot tub was pretty nerve racking in the snow. Here is what it looked like standing up right as they unloaded it:

Bryan was so sweet and carved our initials in the cement:

Bryan always said who do you think our first guest in the hot tub will be? It ended up being my little bro Johnny. He came over to spend the night so I could take him to the airport for an early flight.

In addition to Johnny we have had fun with the following people in the hot tub:


Who will be our next guests?

We had so much fun when the kids came over. We made hot chocolate and it was snowing in the hot tub too!

What a sweet husband I have! Thanks B for the nifty hot tub! Here's our first pic in it:

Monday, March 22, 2010

In one month....

1. My best friend will have a new baby boy in her life (more like one week). Yay Brookie and Freeland, we are so excited for y'all!!

2. Bryan and I along with Shane and Lori will be at our favorite beach, Sarasota!! Wohoo! We are so excited. Here's our condo that we get to stay in. We get to show them a few of our favorite spots: The yellow lifeguard stand, Cha Cha coconuts in St. Armands Square, the whitest beach you'll ever see and so on....

3. One of my besties Crystal Browning will become a resident of Miami Florida, boo and yay! I'm excited for her and Chris, but so sad to see her go:( Here is their amazing new place

4.Little Miss Caroline will be 7 years old, wow!

5. Bryan and I will have been married for 7 months!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dash Down Greenville

Here is the beginning of our plans for St. Patrick's Day!! Bryan, Crystal, me and many more of our friends will be participating in the big run

This will be our first time to join in on the fun. We usually just get there for the parade and the party, but this year we're getting started earlier. Is anyone else running that we don't know of? Let me know and maybe we'll see ya down there.

I'm so excited for one of my favorite holidays!

Cheers! Sláinte!!