Wednesday, February 26, 2014

London 2013

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to visit London, Edinburgh and Inverness with the family I work for. It was for their grandmother's 80th birthday and included 20 of us. It was quite the trip and fun to travel when someone else is making all the plans. Bryan and I typically have pretty casual trips, but this one included a daily itinerary. Right up my alley, and jam packed!

You can see all my pictures here on facebook . If you don't have facebook it's ok I'm about throw up quite a few pics here.

We started the trip off in a brand new plane and in first class...pretty rough. I felt so spoiled and didn't want to sleep at all on the way over to soak it all in!

 London had a long list of fantastic adventures including:

The first police station...

It was cool to see the city from a totally different view. Less crowded too!
  • A bike ride through St. James Park


One of William & Kate's homes... 




Trafalgar Square


Princess Diana's Memorial... 

Pretty neat, the pond that made a full circle of the park had curves, rough spots, and ups and downs. They said it was to reflect the different times of her life. Either way it attracted kids just like her.

  • Went to see War Horse the play...amazing!!
  • The London Eye

  • A tour of Windsor Castle

Stayed at Claridge's and had my first experience of afternoon tea


To be continued with Scotland...