Monday, November 8, 2010

Ireland Day 3

I'm so behind on the latest and greatest with the Baker family. Here's what I have from our latter part of our Ireland adventures....

Friday morning we went and picked up our sweet rental car at the airport and drove down to Killarney Ireland.

Bryan was driving because there was no way I was gonna do the other side of the road thing!

It's about 45 minutes away from Cork and the view on the drive down is amazing!

When we got there we checked into our hotel. Unfortunately and fortunately the economy is pretty bad there so Bryan was able to bargain with them and get us a suite for only 100 Euros!!

There was even a little fireplace under the tv too

We had a great view of all the "buggies" too

We drove to the Ring of Kerry to see the sights. We didn't do the whole thing just ladies view and a hike up to see the Torc waterfall. The Ring of Kerry is basically a collection of gorgeous historic places.

Here's on the walk up

Some little troll that lived under this bridge

The Torc Waterfall

Bryan carved our initials in a tree:)

Bryan doing something he's not supposed to like always

Bryan found this walking stick for our adventures, he was pretty excited about that

Had to take a picture of the pretty clovers

This was one of our stops on the way up to Ladies View

Look how wide the roads are...the Tahoe would never survive in Ireland

Ladies View


After our driving adventures we walked up to a restaurant that had traditional Irish music that night

Dinner at the Danny Man

I had some delicious lamb and mashed potatoes

After dinner we watched the band perform.

They were so cute, in an Irish accent they said...Let us know if you have any requests and if we know it we'll play it and if not we won't. So... Bryan had to go to the "bathroom" and had our waitress bring them a request from him.

It said I am here with my wife Meagan for our 1 yr anniversary and would like you to play Van Morrison Moondance, it was played at our wedding last year. He didn't know it so he played some other Irish song. I was pretty much in tears during the whole thing because it was so sweet!!