Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Bowl Champs!

Ok so I know this is super duper late, but it's still near and dear to my heart and the Cavanaugh family's....The Packers winning the Super Bowl!!!!

This years super bowl was so great since it was in Arlington. However, it was sad for it to be so close and not go:( We did try and rent out our home for the week, but had no takers. I think we were just a little late on that one.

Unlce Tim, Tip and Terry came down from Milwaukee so that was awesome to be able to see them.

Dad, Mom & Uncle Tim

Bryan, Brittanie, Brad, Tip, & Terry

Ian & Uncle Matt

Haley & Me

Bryan & Me

Emi & Steph

We ended up watching the game over at Brad's. It was quite a stressful one especially with all the major injuries. But in the end the good guys won!

Lizzy got to meet her new sister too. Mom and Dad's new puppy....

Way to go Packers! What a great game!!