Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lemonade stand

The other day Kourtney (my bosses youngest daughter) and her friend Meredith wanted to have a lemonade stand. So I helped them make the lemonade and get everything together. It was pretty sweet because we took the golf cart out as our mobile stand.

We drove around the neighborhood and sold to all the workers.
They ended up making $25 in an hour and a half. Here is a cute picture of them jamming out.....

Jumping ahead a few days (today) on the way to work I was listening to the Ticket. They were talking about lemonade stands and all their memories of them. Then they had people call in with stories. This one guy called in to say that he had let his kids set up a lemonade stand on their own in front of the house, no biggie. Well, when his wife got home she was like "what are the kids doing out there"? He says "Having a lemonade stand" She says "we don't have any lemonade".......

Come to find out the kids had taken wine coolers out there and were selling those!!! Hilarious!!!