Thursday, July 1, 2010


Bryan and I are heading out for Wisconsin tonight. I am so excited to see all of our family!! Everyone is going except Steph & Sean and the kiddos. They are working on selling their home so they can't make it.

The fourth in Wisconsin is amazing! The lakes, the parades and beautiful weather! The highs will be around 85 and the lows around 60, nothing like Texas! Here is the rundown for our trip:

1. Graduation party for my cousin Madelynn in Brookfield
2. Head to Madison to see Nana and Bapa.
3. Maybe a little sailing
4. Help Nana & Bapa do some stuff at the house/garage sale
5. Back to Milwaukee Saturday night to go to Grandma's
6. Lake on the 4th, fireworks, boats, great food, and lots of family!! (This will be the first time Bryan meets a lot of my Dad's side of the family, so I'm looking forward to it!)
7. Parade on the 5th- one of the best parades
8. Brewer game after that (tailgate included)
9. Head back to the sauna of Texas.

Everyone have a great 4th!!! Enjoy this beautiful country that we are all blessed to live in!