Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Christmas Surprise and New Year's!!

What a special Christmas surprise we received this year! Brooke & Freeland and the three kiddos decided to drive to Texas from Ohio last minute on Christmas day. What an adventure for them and a treat for us! We were so thankful to get a little bit of time with the little ones before bed and then have dinner together.

So blessed by my best friends!


So glad we could see them even for a little bit. Love them so much!!
For New Year's this year we went to Don & Becca's beautiful new home in Frisco. Then stayed the night with Shane and Lori.

                           What a great night with the crew! Good fun and good company of course.
                                                      Laid back and just what we needed.



Then we went with Shane & Lori to their neighbors party too.

                                                                     Love this one!


Dirk had a late night too.

Happy New Year Y'all!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Time and the Livin is Easy

We are so thankful for another wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Here are a ton of pics from the Jingle Mingle and both family Christmases.

Here are some lovely beauties from the Jingle Mingle:


 Mike graced us with his lovely Christmas Story get up. Thankfully Crystal told him it was a tacky Christmas sweater party and it wasn't.

Suzy and Jamie along with our plethora of wine! We may need to limit the amount of bottles for next year.
So glad Grandma could make it town for the festivities. I love having her here and spending time with her.
Sweet Charlene made it this year for the first time!!

Gotta love my Texas Tech girl!

Aunt Debbie & Uncle Terry. I'd say he has adjusted well to living in Texas and coming from London.

                                                            Another successful party!

Cheese!! Part of the crew cerebrating!!


The white elephant was a great success this year! All sorts of lovely treasures like a picture of the shoups, the crib dribbler from John and Rach, Christmas vacation t-shirt, lots of Duck Dynasty gear, and the much envied
Ladie's Night Out frame!
Formal pictures with the Mithcell's
Another special guest, Kelly!! She made it in town fro L.A. that day and still came. So fun to have her over!

Notice the flash in the mirror, Bryan wanted to make sure he made the photo too. You can tell Rach and I appreciate that.
 Then we decided that since we had so much room for activities that we would do a little pyramid action. I think this may be a new tradition! Ill let the girls chime in on that one.

Then I said put your arms up...talking to the girls and Bryan totally blew our "base". Hah I guess he missed cheer camp this past summer.

                                               Then comes our "flyer" Rachie Reindeer.

                                                            Three levels, wohoo!!

High school besties

Christmas day at the McLerran's with my sweet Haley


              Sweet Mom & Dad. So thankful for their life and love for us all. We are so blessed by them!


                                                 Dirk opening up his Christmas present


                                                     Liz showing him how it's done



                                                 The ladies practicing for the talent show
                                    Brad & Britt with little Bowen for his first Christmas!

Our group praying looked like the people of whoville from the Grinch


                                Some of the Allish-Zamora girls and Caroline with Johnny & Rach
Dad and Brad after performing their talent...the cartwheel

                                                  Steph and Caroline workin the cups

     John and Rachel shared some jokes. "You know you're a Cavanaugh're given a golden retriever and it's followed up with a track.

               Happy Birthday to Ian!! Can't believe this guy is 14, where has the time gone!!

Christmas was great at Steph's! She always does a nice job of hosting.

Baker Christmas

Enjoying the beautiful fire place that Jim built.

So thankful for another Christmas and having Bryan's dad healthy!
What a miracle it is to have him with us and doing so well!

Bubbles all decked out with nails painted to boot!

Grandma with Natalee & Emily

Group shot!

Loved the kids outfits!

Cheers to another great year and thankful for everything the Lord has provided in our lives. Amazing family and friends, fun memories together and being able to enjoy all of it because of the life we are given through His son! Merry Christmas, Love the Bakers!!!