Monday, July 25, 2011

The latest and greatest

The Baker household has been pretty chill lately....Bryan just got back from the guys annual river trip. I just got back from housesitting for my boss so we're getting back into the swing of our daily routine. Here are a few things that are going on with us:

1. Bryan's 6th annual 29th b-day is coming up on the 2nd!! Can't wait to celebrate with him.

2. Our community group had our last meeting with our leaders and are on our own now. I'm looking forward to that adventure and growing closer to God and the other couples in our group!

3. May be planning a trip to Boston for Labor Day weekend to see the Rangers take down those Red Sox!!

4. Janet (Bryan's older sister) is celebrating her 40th this Saturday with a massive slip n slide and I'm super pumped about that!

5. Bryan will be going to Ireland sometime this fall and I'm hoping to accompany him and swing by London to see Aunt Debbie!!

6. A few of our friends are preggers again and we're so excited for everyone's future addition! I won't say who because I'm not sure who all is sharing right now:)