Friday, July 18, 2008

One of the best places to Live!

Madison, Wisconsin. Talk about gorgeous summers! Madison is so beautiful this time of year.

Mom in front of her old room (2nd floor)at the DG house at The University of Wisconsin

The house where Mom and Dad met at a party probably 31 years ago:

University Ridge (University of Wisconsin's golf course). This was opening day and there was an event called "Legends of Wisconsin". We were on the range while they were taking photos and actually ended up on the front page of the sports section in the Madison newspaper...pretty funny!

What is even funnier is that Bryan (Watchtower- a name given to Bryan by Josh) was standing in front of John so he didn't make the paper:) Poor Johnny!

At another course-Our first time golfing together in Madison....

Don't ask me what my hair is doing because I have no clue.

Yet another day of golfing-Johnny, Brad, and Bryan...cute little golfers

Golfing with the boys. This is right before it started pouring down rain on one of the best golf games I have ever had.

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