Monday, March 22, 2010

In one month....

1. My best friend will have a new baby boy in her life (more like one week). Yay Brookie and Freeland, we are so excited for y'all!!

2. Bryan and I along with Shane and Lori will be at our favorite beach, Sarasota!! Wohoo! We are so excited. Here's our condo that we get to stay in. We get to show them a few of our favorite spots: The yellow lifeguard stand, Cha Cha coconuts in St. Armands Square, the whitest beach you'll ever see and so on....

3. One of my besties Crystal Browning will become a resident of Miami Florida, boo and yay! I'm excited for her and Chris, but so sad to see her go:( Here is their amazing new place

4.Little Miss Caroline will be 7 years old, wow!

5. Bryan and I will have been married for 7 months!!

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