Sunday, December 12, 2010


Two weeks ago we had to put down our sweet Rocko. He was 15 years old and the sweetest dog. He was Bryan's best friend all throughout college and the after years. He was the first dog that I ever loved and we will truly miss him. Lizzy has been acting a little different since he has been gone.

Bryan took Rock to the vet and he was told we needed to do it within the next few days. So that night Bryan invited all of Rocky's uncles over to say their goodbyes. We had some whataburger french fries for him to munch on thanks to the Shoup's. That was in rememberence of Rocky's fries from Rudy back in his college days.

We had some left over Bob's steak so Rocky was able to have a great final meal. I brought him some white russians too because he used to tackle Bryan to get some of his drink. He loved that and drank it right up.

Friday the 3rd Bryan and Rocky's other father James Barricklow took Rocko to the vet together to put him down.

It was very neat that they were able to do this together as they went to pick him up together 15 years ago just outside of College Station. Rocky was a pure bread Mutt as Bryan would say, the funny part is that he was advertised as a pitbull, hah!

We appreciate everyones love and support for us. Rocky was so unique and will be missed. To continue to celebrate his life we wanted to poll everyone to see what their favorite Rocky nickname was:

1. Rocko
2. Rocko Taco
3. Rock
4. Rocky Road
5. Rocko P Coltrane
6. The Rock
7. Hammer
8. Pico

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Brooke & Freeland said...

Meg - Im so sorry to hear about Rocky!!!! I had no idea. I know it had to be really hard.. but it sounds like yall did a fabulous job celebrating him!! Love you friend