Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pistol's 28th birthday

Crystal's birthday was such a blast this year. We were able to spend pretty much the whole day together. It was so great that Brooke and Freeland were in town to cerebrate with us too!!

We started out at the Cross Timbers Winery in Grapevine

Im pretty sure Bryan is eating some cheese and crackers here in this one...hah

This was my favorite winery that we went to. It was so cute in the back. They had a big barn that hosts weddings and a cute courtyard too!

Then we went to Homestead to meet Brooke

This place was a little weird. The people were freaky there. They were talking about "Maude" the ghost that lived there. That was enough for us to wrap it up and get out of there as soon as we could.

The best part was that Crys was able write on the ceiling (with the help/height of Bryan)

Then we stopped off at Farina's. It was more of a restaurant that offered tastings. Definitely some good wine though!

Then we went back to the house to meet Freeland for appetizers, a little more wine and yummy cake!!

Freeland spending some time with Liz


Bryan set up the fire pit for us to enjoy. I finally got a decnt picture of us four while holding the camera.

All in all it was a wonderful day! It was great to be with my best friends and of course Dr. Bryan and Dr. Freeland! We got to have some great wine and get our dougie on!

Happy Birthday Cryssie....


Anne and Andy said...

Super fun!! Looks like a great time .. wish I could've been there to drink wine all day!! :) :)

Rachie said...

love this post. such a fun day and i think i need a refresher on the dougie!!

crysbrowning said...

So cute! So sorry I missed it, looked like fun!