Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well our latest and greatest adventure down to Playa with Jason and Sara was a blast! Other than a few incidents it was a great trip! We left early on a Saturday and got there around 12. We started it out "right" with a first class upgrade. Little did we know first class isn't so classy on Aero Mexico.

Once we were settled into the resort (The Royal Playa)we went to the pool and hit up some water volleyball. It was so funny because everyone wanted Jason and Bryan on their team for some reason. I think they enjoyed being the "cool kids" in school. We had a few mini beers and drinks with our friend Luis at the bar with these fun swings.

Then Sara and I went to our rooms to get ready. We left the boys alone which was our first mistake. Bryan ends up introducing the mini beers to another couple....a bride and groom in the middle of them taking pictures. Too funny, they loved him and we saw them later on in the week too. After we all got ready we headed out to dinner at the Italian place.

There was a mariachi band playing so we asked for them to sing ring of fire...totally random but it was good stuff!

Then after dinner we walked back to the hotel and there was a wedding reception going on in the middle of the courtyard. Sooo...Bryan immediately assumes it's the same couple from earlier. Not so much! We ended up "crashing" their wedding. I was doing the cupid shuffle and Bryan was behind the bar showing the bar tender how it's done.

We stayed only for a few minutes and then figured we better jet. Well lucky us, the next day we are sitting at breakfast and who comes and sits right next to us, the bride and groom. Bryan kind of ducked down in his seat a little but I'm afraid he stands out quite a bit and I think they saw him:)

We spent the rest of our days laying out, reading, drinking, eating and just relaxing.

Our Mayan Coffees being made and on fire!

Bryan forgot to pack long pants and so he had to borrow Jason's "skinny" jeans, which was pretty awesome!

Here is the only picture I have of us four. I set the timer and put it on the ledge. I figured we needed to duck down and that's why we look so goofy!

We watched the Mavs games at night which was cool because we would meet other people from Dallas.

The series of unfortunate events included Jason straining his knee playing volleyball. At first it wasn't too bad, but got progressively worse throughout the trip. By day 3 he was on crutches and couldn't put any pressure on it and by the time we left we were pushing him in a wheel chair at the airport. Thankfully he is healthy now after the swelling went down and he rested a little.

Sara accidentally poured soup on her hand from the ladle at one of the restaurants. So, she had to keep it wet and covered from the sun which required wearing a washcloth, poor girl. Neither one of them wanted to go to the Dr. in Mexico and I don't blame them.

On top of that I had a watch stolen out of my bag and believe it was the airline that did it! That can be replaced though so no biggie.

The funny part about Jason in the wheel chair is that they have been through a similar situation in the past. In high school Jason was on crutches and Bryan was the lucky guy that carried his books for him and skipping class with him. One night in Mexico after a show Bryan took Jason in the wheel chair out on the dance floor. Everyone was cheering them on it was pretty funny. We had met a lot of them earlier in the week, which made it even better.

All in all it was a great time and we enjoyed getting away with the McSween's!

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