Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bryan's Sixth Annual 29th Birthday!

Bryan's birthday was a success! We went out to dinner on his birthday at Wolfgang Puck's 560 in reunion tower. It was right before sunset so we got some great pictures! We also were able to traffic control of downtown Dallas too, and saw a wreck happen, not cool.

The dinner was great! I had quail and Bryan got the fillet. I think Bob's is still our favorite but it was a great view and good food too!

Then for the big birthday bash we had everyone over at the house

Corrie and me

Jason and Bryan

Grant, Johnny and Brad all in grey

Rachel made a delicious chocolate cake that everyone loved! I wish I was a terrific baker like her!

Rachel, Crystal, me and Lindsey

Bryan and his little sister Debra

Jamie and Jeremy

Me and the boys!

Happy Birthday Bryan!!

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Rachie said...

love the pics - such a fun night!