Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Christmas Surprise and New Year's!!

What a special Christmas surprise we received this year! Brooke & Freeland and the three kiddos decided to drive to Texas from Ohio last minute on Christmas day. What an adventure for them and a treat for us! We were so thankful to get a little bit of time with the little ones before bed and then have dinner together.

So blessed by my best friends!


So glad we could see them even for a little bit. Love them so much!!
For New Year's this year we went to Don & Becca's beautiful new home in Frisco. Then stayed the night with Shane and Lori.

                           What a great night with the crew! Good fun and good company of course.
                                                      Laid back and just what we needed.



Then we went with Shane & Lori to their neighbors party too.

                                                                     Love this one!


Dirk had a late night too.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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Rachie said...

love all the pics -- def need the ones from dinner (: