Thursday, June 19, 2008

Save the Money!

Not "Save the Whales" or "Save the Planet", "Save the Money"!!! That is all anyone is trying to do right now. With unemployment rates up, gas prices up, and the house and stock market going down the drain...this is the one thing on everyones mind.

I have heard a few helpful tips lately and implement a couple myself. So you can take it or leave it, but I'm doing my best to take it anywhere I can!

Here are the areas that I can think of to save the cash money-

In your Home:

1. Turn off your water heater while you are away at work. If not off, adjust the temp to 120. Otherwise you are paying to heat your water all day.
2. Turn your air up or set the temp to adjust while you are out.
3. Unplug any appliances not in use (i.e. computer, toasters).
4. Turn your lights off
5. Keep the blinds closed

In your car:

1. Fill up your tires
2. Loose the extra baggage
3. Drive slow, accelerate slowly (I don't usually practice these)
4. Buy gas at the coolest time of day (morning and evening)
5. Close windows while driving on the highway

Buying Food:

1. Use Coupons (I know it seems cheap, but who cares)
2. Then hit the stores when they have double or triple coupon day!
3. Only buy foods that are on sale
4. Share meals while eating out. Bryan and I do this all the time! You eat and pay less.
5. Only buy what you really need (the opposite of the Wal-mart mentality) Go into the store and try and stick to your list....very tough.

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