Friday, November 14, 2008

Tech's Victory over OSU

One of the best places to watch a Tech game is at Anna's house. We had such a blast watching Tech beat the tar out of OSU. That was a very surprising game.

Here are the reasons it's great to watch a Tech game, especially at Anna's:

1. We had our own personal squad of cheerleaders to sing the fight song after every touchdown. (Anna played the fight song on her computer after every point too, which I'm sure the neighbors love!)

2. It's always great to see the girls and spend time with them. P.S.- Kacie is engaged!

3. Anna suggests taking shots of Vodka , which I happily declined:)

4. Bryan got all dressed up in Alabama gear and kind of looks like Paris Hilton's bff with the dog in his hands:


5. Tech was unstoppable and won 56-20!

Go Tech beat OU!!!!!

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