Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bryan and I are Engaged!

"Here comes the bride all (hopefully skinny) and white!!" Most of you know that we visit Sarasota, Florida every year for Thanksgiving.

Well this year was especially great! After 3 weeks of ring shopping Bryan was ready to pop the question in Florida

He was being very sneaky the first few days that we were there. He was texting back and forth and making calls alone...very odd. I had a very good clue that this could be it! However, I didn't want to jump to conclusions because I have thought this before on other trips like Chicago and Nuevo Vallarta.

So it was Monday, the 24th and we woke up early to go play golf with Brad, John, Bapa, Mom, Nana, and Grandma. Bryan took a particularly long phone call at the end of our golf game. I didn't want to hear a thing though because I had a feeling he was planning something. I asked what he would've said if I asked who was on the phone and he said his response would've been, "It's work". Which is no lie because he sure did work to put this together!

We came back to the condos and got ready to go down to the beach. We hung out on the beach for a while. Then Bryan says hang on I'll be right back and then just ran off. I was thinking that was odd for him to not tell me where he was going. Come to find out he went to speak with my father for his approval on the marriage. He's so traditional, I love it! I'm sure he was a little nervous talking to Colonel Cavanaugh, but thankfully Mom and Dad love Bryan so all system are go!

We laid on the beach for a while working on our tans. Then Bryan decided to play football with my brothers, dad, uncle, and cousins. I went up stairs since the day was winding down. I was contemplating taking a shower and getting ready for dinner. Thankfully I decided otherwise and went back down to the beach to see what Bryan was up to.

As I am walking down to the beach I noticed Bryan running off the field. I thought gosh I hope the game didn't end badly. I knew that wasn't the case, but it was a little strange. Little did I know Bryan had just told my brothers about the proposal. Johnny, Brad, and my cousin Bill were on Brad's team. All four of them were huddled up and John and Brad were going back and forth on what play to do next. Bryan tried to get their attention by yelling, "Hey!" They continued chattering then finally Bryan goes, "Hey! I'm about to propose to Meagan in about an hour! I wanted to speak with you guys, Brad and John) because I know that you are two very important men in her life. Brad's jaw dropped and I think he was in shock and John was like a gitty little school boy and patted Bryan on the back. Then Bryan asked that my cousin Bill throw a touchdown pass and end this thing! Bill was shaking and said, "you expect me to throw a touchdown pass after that news! Well he did and they won the game.

Here are the boys mimicking the huddle later on:

This is when Bryan asked that we run up stairs real quick and get ready to take a walk on the beach for the sunset. I said, sure! He asked if I had one of those bathing suit skirt things to wear. I looked at him strangely and said, no. I said that I could wear a white skirt. He said that will be fine. Since he has never asked me to wear a particular outfit before I knew something was up.

I got dressed and we started to walk down to the beach. Bryan looked all nice with his linen shirt and shorts with cologne on to top it off! While I was still in my bathing suit with a hat on. We walked by the pool and Brad shouted, "Hey where are you guys going?" Bryan responded just for a walk. Brad was trying to find out specifically where to go spy on us. Then Bill came running over to take our photo in front of the sunset, not too odd since he loves pictures as much as I do!

This is the pic that Bill took of us:

As we walk down the steps we run into Nana and Bapa. Bapa says, "you guys are such a great couple, you're so good together!" All of this seemed staged.

We began our walk on the beach. I was looking at the sun behind the clouds and said I hope that sun drops below the clouds. Bryan said I bet it will by the time we get to that yellow lifeguard stand. I didn't notice the landmark that he referenced. I just kept looking at the sun and walking and talking with him.

This is Bryan walking backwards signaling me to come to him (pretty ironic, huh):

As we walk up to the stand I notice a photographer. Bryan immediately stops me and says,"hang on don't get in the way of her picture (as if she was there for someone else). Then he turns around and gets down on one knee (his good knee) and said all these amazing things that will make me cry if I try and type them again. I was balling crying and was so excited! Supposedly people on the public beach were cheering and clapping and I completely zoned them out and didn't hear a thing! Then Bryan asked if he could place the ring on my finger. I said of course!!! Bryan couldn't stop smiling while I couldn't stop crying.

I pulled it together and the photographer began taking these beautiful photos! It was perfect having her there to capture the moment! The sunset was just getting more and more amazing! People on the beach who have lived there their entire lives told us that they have never seen a sunset like this. The photographer agreed. It looked like a volcano had erupted in the sky.

It was really neat being able to share the occasion with my family and have an engagement party that night!

I am very thankful for Bryan's love for me. I am ecstatic to start our new lives together! So now we begin the planning of the Baker Wedding '09. We are going to try and get married next October. Originally we were thinking in Sarasota, but I am leaning more towards having it in Dallas now. Keep an eye out for further details.


Anne and Andy said...

Ahhhh Meg I am so happy for you! Congratulations again! These pictures are just amazing. I couldn't stop staring at them! Absolutely beautiful!!

Suzy Shoup said...

We can't wait! I'm so glad to finally hear the official story. It brought tears to my eyes!

roxrae5679 said...

Meggie! What a sweet blog!!! You guys are so incredible together!! Let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help!
Love you,

Brooke & Freeland said...

Best post EVER! Im so glad you put all the details on here. I loved reading it and hearing the story all over again! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH AND CANT WAIT FOR THE BAKER WEDDING '09