Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening Weekend

This weekend is opening weekend for Lonestar Park. I will be out there Saturday with Bryan and his family if anyone wants to join. It's only $5 before 5 pm to get in. I love watching the horses and maybe even win a few races!

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In addition to that we get to see the Beach Boys play that night at 6:30. They remind me of my dad. He always used to listen to them when we were little.

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My Bapa used to take us to the horse races when we were younger, which didn't sit to well with Nana and Mom. One time he said, I'm taking the kids to A&W for lunch. Next thing I know Steph, Brad, me and Johnny are throwing a dollar down on a horse. The horse won and we all had a blast. Mom and Nana were waiting at home for us to return so that wasn't so fun for Bapa. I thought it was cool to take your grandkids gambling? Is it not? I thought we were under the trust tree?

Let me know if any of you guys want to meet up on Saturday. It will be 71 and sunny, a great day to be at the races and an outdoor concert!

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