Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There are way too many pictures to post so I will just give you guys a few. We spent our 1st day roaming the streets and dropping in little pubs to check out the scenes there. We saw a little band consisting of a guitar and a flute. Hearing brown eyed girl with an Irish accent was pretty interesting! We watched the Barcelona v. Chelsea game which was pretty neat since everyone over there is avid "football" fans.

Ha'penny Bridge-

Here are the cute colored doors that you can see throughout the city-

We played golf our second day and met a really nice cab driver. He swung by a gas station on our way out to the course to grab a quick bite to eat. However, I was a little disturbed that my sandwich that looked like chicken salad was called, "Chicken and stuff". No I didn't read the label, I was a little freaked out by that and forced down half of the sandwich.

We went to the oldest pub in Ireland called the Brazen Head. It opened in 1198 and was frequented by people such as Winston Churchill. Pretty crazy stuff! This is where I met my friend Eileen. She asked if we could be pen pals which I thought was so cute. I just got my first card from her. It was too sweet. I think the last time I had a pen pal was in the 1st grade.

Brazen Head-

We took the train out east one day and saw the coast line. It was so pretty with the homes on the hills and whatnot. There was a family feeding a walrus and they were huge, the walrus, not the family! We enjoyed the sites, grabbed some seafood and then headed back to Dublin.

We stayed in a little apartment in the city just down the street from Temple Bar District. Here is our room on the fourth floor on the left-

We took a bus tour of the city and went on the Guiness tour and visited an old jail. We saw Trinity college, Phoenix park, St Patrick's cathedral and several other sites.


Taste Test-

Gravity Room (360 degree view of Dublin form the 7th floor)-

Kilmainham Gaol-

Trinity College-

St. Patrick's Cathedral-

It was great to learn so much about the history of the city. Next time I wish we could've seen more of the countryside. Bryan was able to enjoy that part of Ireland since he worked in Cork for the following week. I will post some of those pictures later.

Random note- the crosswalks make a little beeping noise and then it sounded like a laser shooting at you once it turned red. I have no idea why but I thought that was so cool. I will have to post the video I took of that so you guys can hear it too.

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