Friday, May 1, 2009

4/24 in LA

This was a nice long day. We started with a continental breakfast at the Marriott. Yummy omlettes with jalapenos!! Then we hit the gym at the hotel. After that we headed out to Santa Monica so Tan could surf and we could chill at the pier.

We drove up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). I wasn't sure what that was when I first heard it myself.

It's crazy, all these surfers line up their cars on the street and change into their wet suit right there. I figured it must be pretty hard to get an indecent exposure ticket out there. So I...jk.

We drove over to Santa Monica Pier and checked out the sites. We walked under the pier. It reminded me of the movies. Then we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp.

After that we headed over to a sushi place and then this cute little Bull Dog bar and played darts. I took plenty of pictures for Sunni!

Then it was off to Thousand Oaks to the rehearsal dinner. We drove by Pepperdine which is in Malibu.

Here is the entrance to our hotel. It was a gorgeous place. Our view from the room was great too! We had some wine, great speeches and enjoyed the festivities. I will have to post the pictures from that night next. They are pretty funny!

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Suzy Shoup said...

Looks like a great time...and hopefully you're now having a great time in Ireland! We missed you this weekend, but understand. We'll have fun at the Ranger game on the 16th after you kids get back and definitely can do Tony's sometime too! :)