Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 3- Saturday, September 20th

I will share the rest of trip in a bit. But before I get to that I need to say Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Emily!! She turned 13 on the 20th. I'm sad that I couldn't spend the day with her, but we have a fun party planned for this Friday.

Happy Birthday Ems! I love you very much.


Saturday- Game Day!!!

We woke up around 9 that morning and went down to eat some breakfast. Bryan grabbed a plate while I waited at the Omlette bar. (We are still at the resort in case any of you are lost).

The hotel had several groups of people for various different events. There was a large group of African American women to the left with tee-shirts on and they were all clearly together. While waiting in line for an omlette I asked an African American woman if she was there for the convention. She looked at me as if my assumption was completely presumptuous and way off. I immediately recovered by asking her if she had visited the spa. I recommended the deep tissue massage and then immediately rushed to my table.

I told Bryan what had happened and he started cracking up. For those of you that watch "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia", I felt like I was a part of one of thir episodes.

I do not say any of this to be rude. So please do not take it that way. It was simply a poor choice of words. Possibly a good idea for a Southwest commercial too, "Wanna get away"...I did.

We checked out of our hotel and drove to Bryan's cousins house. We grabbed some lunch with Gary and then started walking to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game.

The streets are packed before the games and all the fanatic Cubs fan are out celebrating together

Ther are crazy things to see like this "Cubbie" taking tips for no reason at all

"If the moon was made of cheese would ya eat it?...Just say yes and we'll move on." - Harry Caray (aka Will Ferrel on SNL)

They have these rooftop bleachers in the outfield on the top of the restaurants. I'm sure that has a great view

This is what game day looks like at Wrigley Field

This is one of my favs

It's a madhouse! They sing this catchy little chant "Go Cubs Goo! Go Cubs Goo Hey Chicago what do ya say Cubs are going to win today!!! Sounds corny, but it has been stuck in my head for the past few days.

Here we are enjoying a beverage at the game

The Cubs clenched their division at this game and beat the Cards 5-4. Ironically Vince Vaughn sang take me out to the ball game in the 7th inning stretch. Might I add that it was quite better than Romo's appearance.

And the crowd goes wild...

All of the fans flood the streets from the bars and meet you outside the gates. They are definitely super fans up there.

We spent the rest of the night at Gary's friends birthday party. It was a cute little neighborhod north of Wrigleyville

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