Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Remembering 2008

It is time to say goodbye to another wonderful year. Time sure does fly. Here are some amazing pictures of 2008-The year in pictures from MSN. There are some remarkabale moments captured in these from around the world in news and sports. Some are very touching and others are pretty sad.

2008 News

2008 Sports

Here are some timeless and unforgettable moments in my life this past year:

1. The proposal-

2. Seeing family friends and reminiscing of old times-

3. Touring one of the oldest ballparks, Wrigley Field-

4. Moving from my old home in Austin Ranch to my new one across the street-

5. Watching Matt man play baseball and loving every minute of his friends and family there watching and supporting him-

(Matt is #29 if you can't tell. He wanted to be just like his big brothers Brad and Johnny)

6. Emily made the HSAA volleyball team. She tried out the previous year and didn't make the team. After a year of practice and playing with another team she is now an all-star on the HSAA team! Way to go Ems!

This is her first team. They won 1st place and beat the best team in their division

Here is her HSAA team after their game. They do a little chant on the floor.

7. Memorial Day at the Dallas Arboretum. Grandma was in town and we were able to celebrate together. We went to an event honoring Pete Burks. This is always a special day since Dad is now a retired Marine of 30 years! Hoo-ah!!!

8. Celebrating birthdays throughout the year.

Crystal Browning's in February-

Matt's 8th Birthday. He wanted to go to Fudrucker's...I tried to persuade him otherwise, but he was set on that.

Debra's, Bryan's sister and my future sis, b-day at Humperdinks-

Here are the precious kids from left to right: Zachary, Natalie, Stephanie, and Bryan

Mom's b-day-

I love Caroline's face here!!

Anna's b-day-

My 25th at Chuy's-

We need Matt!!

I love my girls!

Bryan took me to Bob's too- yummy!!

Bryan's 2nd annual 29th b-day at his house

Aunt Debbie's b-day. This was great! The waitress fed her a whipped cream covered cherry.

Happy 21st Johnny!

Happy b-day Pistol!! Love you bunches!!

Dad's b-day was sweet! Happy birthday Paw-Paw!

To my precious Haley, happy 4th birthday!!

Here is little Haley in her princess outfit from Uncle Brad

Playing a little dress up with my girls

So in the words of Heidi Klum "Auf Wiedersehen" 2008! It's been a good one.

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