Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For my veil...

Let me know which of the three you guys like. I'm sure Bryan's not supposed to see these but oh well. I want other people's opinions. I'm trying to figure out what length looks best not necessarily these styles.

1. Short

{image found here}

2. Elbow

{image found here}

3. Fingertip

{image found here}


Anne and Andy said...

I had a hard time deciding as well, and I went with the elbow length. Can't go wrong with an in-between right? :)

Suzy Shoup said...

I honestly think it will depend on your dress and since I don't know what it looks like, I'm not sure. :)

J said...

I like the fingertip, but it definitely depends on your dress.

crysbrowning said...

I think fingertip would look good with your dress, but I like short since it's an outdoor wedding.

Meggers1021 said...

I tried them on and we ended up liking the fingertip length the best!