Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Responses from engagement!

These are fun to look back on. There are some good ones in here!!

1. Stephanie McLerran- “What the heck (after she noticed the ring)

2. Colvert- “It’s about time. We think the world of that girl! I would be honored to be your best man.”

3. Tim Bowen- “Oh my gosh! (while bringing us both in for a group hug)

4. Sunni Ellison- “I wanna scream right now I am so happy, but I’m in a doctors office, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, ahhh.”

5. Anna Peavler- “Yay, wow that is like a movie.”

6. Chris Wilson- “Congratulations and he knew you were a keeper when he saw that pics from the Packer game.”

7. Haley McLerran- “Why are you getting married? Then Matt tells her because that is what you do”

8. Kim Polk-Rodriguez- “Congrats, congrats, con-freakin-grats! Love you guys!”

9. Jane MacNeil- “OHHHHHHHHH my gosh!!!!!!! That is soooo exciting!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Jamie Colvert- “Congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you. Jeremy and I are so excited.

11. Cathy Harkins- “OMG!!! CONGRATS!!!! SO happy for you and Bryan! Hope to see you soon!

12. Presley Rose- “Congrats Meagan!!! You're the first one out of the 4 freshman roomies!!”

13. Anne Embry- “OMG MEAGAN! Congratulations girl. Welcome to the world of marriage! :) Or .. soon to be marriage!!!

14. Janel Spiro- “aww Meggers! CONGRATS!! Marriage is awesome! I'm really happy for you!”

15. Brooke- “Oh my gosh, that is so exciting, Freeland Meagan is engaged!”

16. Rachel- “Lots of screaming, oh my gosh, oh my gosh Meagan I am so happy for you guys!”

17. Crystal- “OMG, congratulations, that is awesome.”

18. Brad Cast- “Bryan said that he would give Brad at least 6 months notice…then there was a silence and Karen grabbed my hand in the back of the car and said, oh my gosh Brad look!”

19. Nick Malory- “Aunt Meagan!”

20. Emily- “I just have one question- am I in the wedding?”

21. Dawn Watkins-“CONGRATULATIONS MEAGAN!!!!! Russ told me the wonderful news. I am so excited for you both.”

22. Kim Dutton- “Chris just shared with me your good news about yours and Bryan's engagement. Congratulations! Wow! I'm impressed. I didn't realize Bryan was the romantic type!”

23. Jim Rishel- “Just started laughing and then told Janet to look at my hand”

24. Connie Walker- “She told me- I can’t imagine a better girl than you”

25. Ian McLerran- “I’m excited that Bryan is going to be my uncle”

26. Chris Dutton- “He called from California made a point to congratulate us, and he said for Meagan to give Bryan a big hug”


Suzy Shoup said...

Awww - that is so fun, Meagan! PS - Yes, we do need to get together again soon. Jackson loves to get some quality time with all his "aunts" and "uncles"!

RL said...

ha ha, that's so fun. and yes, i do recall some screaming on my part. can't wait for the wedding! (: