Friday, November 20, 2009

Woops a daisy...

It all began last Wednesday night....Bryan, Mick, Kasey and me went to our favorite sushi place, which will remain nameless for the parties involved. We finished up some scrumptrulescent sushi and saaki.

After we completed our dinner the couple next to us left. I saw that they left so much food on the table, and I always think that is such a waste. So I dared Mick to eat a couple pieces of their sushi. He said yes, so I grabbed the big black plate with one piece left and then put a couple more pieces on there for good measure.

Just as Mick finished eating the last piece and saying how delicious they were, the couple walked back inside and to their table. My heart completely dropped, I thought they had left. About 15 minutes had passed and I guess they went out for a long smoke break. It would've been fine (well not fine) if we had just grabbed a couple pieces, but it was clear that their ginormous black plate was on our table and I had no time to get it back before they returned.

I was laughing uncontrollably and had to run to the bathroom so that I wasn't laughing in their face. Mick went to the bathroom too, leaving Kasey and Bryan to face the music. I felt horrible, but I could NOT contain myself.

After laughing to myself in the bathroom for a few minutes I returned to the table and Bryan said that he had told them. After gathering my composure I walked over to the couple and said I'm incredibly sorry, I told them it was a dare and I thought that they had left.

The guy laughed it off and said no biggie, however the girl was not so forgiving. I gave the waitress $10 and told them I hope that covered at least one of their rolls and I apologize ten more times!

Bryan says that is his most embarrassing moment too, poor guy. He may be having second thoughts about marrying me, just kidding.


Jamie said...

I needed that laugh! That was hysterical!! Would have loved to see your face when they came back into the room.

RL said...

OH.MY.GOSH. i CANNOT belive that happened. i would have been dying, and even funnier that you left bryan at the table to face the music.

that definitely qualifies as a "most embarassing moment!"