Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaving the 7118

After two wonderful years of living in the 7118 at Austin Ranch, it is time I bid my farewell. I will be moving out on October 1st. I have shared this space with three lovely girls: My besties:

Crystal the Pistol-


and Mrs. Berberliscious-

(also known as Amber Rawlings now).

We have shared some fun times at this place. Here are a few notable memories that I can recall:

1. My 23rd birthday (cocktail party)- This was probably one of the best parties we ever hosted. We had over 100 people in and out all night. There was the classic flip cup and beer pong in the garage. We had all sorts of great friends there including my family, best friends, FC Dallas co-workers and random people that just walked in.

2.Beer Fest '07- If you were there you know what a blast this was!

We had teams ranging from The Italian Stallions,

The German Greats, The B team for the Germans, The Mighty Irish, The Mexican Warriors, and the American's (also know as people who didn't know their heritage).

We had a spinning wheel of all the games including: Fuzzy duck (Copyrighted by Ali Bradshaw), flip cup, Moose (A John Cavanaugh contribution), and Beer pong. In the end the Mexicans defeated The Irish at a questionable game of flip cup. That is still debatable till this day though.

3. My 24th Birthday- This was a masquerade party.

Once again with mostly girl participants. This one was particularly special because it was my first birthday that I was able to share with Bryan!

So Goodbye to our beautiful home. I will miss our times we shared there...tear-

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Suzy Shoup said...

So, girl, where are you moving to?...and what are you all doing this weekend - going some exotic again (Joey said Bryan hasn't responded to calls/texts...but I think we'll be at "The Rick's" on Saturday.) :)