Friday, August 1, 2008

Milwaukee Part Deux

The other half of our busy time in Milwaukee.

Bryan and me on the tour of the Miller Brewery. Pretty neat stuff...

Me and Ems on the tour.

These huge beer basins were 18 ft. deep. That's a lot of beer!!!

The hottest part of the tour!! It was about 110 up there. I don't know why I complain, that is a typical day in Texas.

The original brewhouse of Frederick Miller

The beer garden at the brewery

At the tasting. Don't worry, Emi was a good girl and had coke.

The Miller Brewery

Dinner at long time family friends the Diblasi's. Here is us playing Yahtzee!!

Here is Matt, Becca, and Abigail at the kids table. The girls are so beautiful!

Best Friends...Mrs. Diblasi and mom have known each other for 21 years!! They are still close and a very good example of a true friendship. We used to live down the street from the in Meridian, Mississippi.

Meggers and Emers

Bry Guy and me after dinner

The Cavanaugh's

Family friend's- The Diblasi's

The Cavanaugh's and the Diblasi's together again!!!

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